Chew on this: most dogs and cats show some signs of dental disease by the tender age of three. And that’s no laughing matter. Tooth decay, gingivitis, and plaque and tartar build-up can lead to heart, liver, and kidney problems in pets, drastically impacting their quality of life.

Dental disease progresses in stages. Here’s a quick overview:

Grade 1. Mild tartar and plaque above the gum line, no gum inflammation.

Grade 2. Heavy tartar, early gingivitis, and inflamed, swollen gums.

Grade 3. Heavy tartar, advanced gingivitis on 50% or more of the teeth. Gums are cherry red, swollen, and may bleed. Multiple extractions probable.

Grade 4. Heavy tartar, significantly advanced gingivitis on 50% or more of the teeth. Gums bleed easily. Chronic infection possibly present, destroying teeth and jawbone. Bacteria could be spreading to the bloodstream, infecting other organs.

At Guardian Veterinary Center, we understand just how crucial good dental health is to your pet’s overall well-being. That’s why we offer comprehensive dental services including:

  • Polishing and scaling of the teeth
  • Tooth brushing
  • X-Rays
  • Tooth extractions
  • Minor oral surgery

Periodic dental exams help maintain proper oral hygiene and prevent future problems. Has it been more than a year since your pet’s pearly whites got some attention? Give us a call today at (682) 282-5888 to schedule a dental cleaning. You can also book a visit online.

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